Routine vaccination schedule

Vaccinations are the best way to protect your baby against many childhood illnesses, for example measles, meningitis and rubella.

There are several routine vaccinations that will be offered to your child from the age of eight weeks. Vaccinations are quick, safe and extremely effective. Once your child has been vaccinated against a disease, their body can fight it off better. If a child isn’t vaccinated, they’re at higher risk of catching – and becoming very ill from – the illness.

Leaflets to national vaccination schedules up to 1 year

A guide to immunisations up to one year, for children born on or after the 1st January 2020

A guide to immunisations up to 1 year

Leaflets to national vaccination schedules from 1 year

Immunisations at one year (for babies born after 1 August 2017)

BCG vaccination leaflet

The BCG vaccine protects against tuberculosis (TB). It is not part of the routine vaccination schedule but may be given in certain circumstances. Find out more by reading the leaflet below.

Why is my child being offered unlicenced BCG(TB) vaccine?

Download the leaflet below.

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