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Too many children in Lewisham are starting school with language and communication skills that lag behind their peers.


This can have an impact through childhood and beyond. For example. children with poor vocabulary skills at age five may be up to twice as likely to be unemployed in their 30s.


Evidence shows that small interactions between parents / carers and small children can have a significant and positive impact on the development of early communication and language skills, laying a strong foundation for a child’s journey through education and their adult life.


That’s why we’ve developed a campaign – Moments that Matter – to encourage parents and carers to engage in small activities that help support their child’s development.


These simple Moments that Matter are designed to seamlessly fit into parents and carers’ everyday lives, making it easy to create special, meaningful moments wherever they are. Through colourful eye-catching creative artwork and messaging that has been co-produced with local mums and dads, we’ll encourage the borough’s parents to embrace these simple activities, knowing that each one contributes to their child’s future.


The campaign is led by Lewisham Council in partnership with Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust.


Links to further resources can be found by clicking here.


From talking and singing to playing games, small everyday interactions with your baby or child can make all the difference to their growing brains.

By making the most of everyday moments to nurture your child’s growing brain, you’ll help them to get the speech and language skills they need – setting them up for school and beyond.

Best of all, they don’t need to take time, cost money, or involve lots of planning!

Visit for 10 simple ideas and inspiration to supercharge your child’s early language development and help their little minds grow.

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