What is the eRedbook?

The eRedbook is a digitalised version of the paper held red book. It is an app which enables parents and carers to access their child’s health records through their smartphone or online. The app will provide a more convenient way to update and store the record, whilst also giving access to useful information tailored to the age of the child, as well as reminders when health reviews, immunisations or screening tests are coming up. Expectant mothers will be able to use the app to learn about their baby’s development milestones, before the baby arrives.

The existing paper red book will still be given to parents when their baby is born, so it can be used alongside the app, however it is hoped that over time the digital version will take the place of the paper version.


How do I get the eRedbook?

You will be able to download the eRedbook app from the app store on iPhones and Android, or join online. Our colleagues in Lewisham maternity unit will also be advertising the eRedbook to expectant mothers during the antenatal period to encourage parents to sign up before their baby is born. By signing up in the ante natal period it means the you will not have to ask for the records to be connected by the health visiting team, meaning this method is quicker and easier.

Parents Guide to the eRedbook

If you would like more information or see some frequently asked questions about the eRedbook please download the leaflet.

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