Temporary Advice in light of Coronavirus

During your home New Birth visit (between 7-14 days) your health visitor will discuss breastfeeding and this includes your baby’s feeding assessment. Attached below is the feeding assessment form used by Health Visitors, which provides a useful guide for parents as to what to expect when breastfeeding your baby, and what may potentially be a problem requiring further support.


If you are concerned about any aspects of your baby’s feeding please contact your Health Visiting team – full details on the Contact Us page or email 


From Monday 27th September, we will be running a face to face Breastfeeding Support Hub at Downderry Children’s Centre, Shroffold Road, Bromley, BR1 5PD. The Hub will run from 1:30pm – 3:30pm and will be APPOINTMENT ONLY and not a Drop-In group. To book an appointment, please contact your Health Visiting team – contact details for your team will be in the front of your child’s red book or on the Contact Us page.


Our virtual breastfeeding hubs will also still be running on Zoom 2 times per week. The virtual hubs are run by our Health Visitor Assistant Practitioners and breastfeeding peer supporters. If you would like to join, please email so we can send you the Zoom log in ID and password.  You will need to download the Zoom app on your smart mobile phone or laptop or tablet which is quick and easy.

The Zoom virtual breastfeeding hubs run:

Every Monday 1:30pm – 3:30pm (until 27th September)

Every Thursday 10am – 11am

Every Friday 10am – 11am

Please try to ensure you join the call as near to the start time as possible to ensure we are able to support you within the 1 hours allotted call time.

Breastfeeding Assessment Form


Breastfeeding is the most natural start to life for a baby and can have lifelong health benefits for both mother and baby. 


Breastfeeding protects the baby against ear and chest infections, stomach upsets, diarrhoea, asthma, eczema, allergies and even obesity. Breastfeeding mothers are less likely to develop breast and ovarian cancer and osteoporosis later in life.

Babies don’t need anything but breast milk for the first six months to provide all the necessary nutrition. Giving anything else will decrease the supply of breast milk and lessen the health benefits of breastfeeding.

Solids can be introduced alongside the usual milk feeds from six months, when the baby’s development shows they are ready to cope with solids well.

The Department of Health recommends breastfeeding for at least a year, as it continues to provide both significant nutrition and protection from illnesses.

Breastfeeding support

Many mothers find they need some support with breastfeeding. This can be any time from getting started through to your child’s final breastfeeds.

There are several drop-in breastfeeding hubs across Lewisham where parents can access breastfeeding support. This support is provided by health visiting, midwifery and peer supporters who have been trained. No appointment is required.

Mothers are also welcome to attend during pregnancy and ask any questions they may have about feeding their baby, or as an opportunity to meet other mothers informally in your local area.

Mothers who are formula or mixed feeding their baby are also welcome to attend for advice and support.

“Carmella really helped us with latching and gave us some great tips and support” Breastfeeding mum, Downderry children’s centre

If you would like to provide feedback regarding our breastfeeding support please complete this FFT form.

Breastfeeding hubs in Lewisham

Monday (from 27/09/21) 1.30–3.30pm Downderry Children’s Centre, Shroffold Road, Downham BR1 5PD – APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please contact your Health Visiting team to book an appointment.
Mondays 12 noon-2pm Evelyn Children Centre, 231 Grove Street, SE8 3PZ
Tuesdays 10am–12 noon Bellingham Children’s Centre, 109a Randlesdown Road, Catford SE6 3HB
Tuesdays (term time) 10am–12 noon Deptford Breastfeeding Group, Shaftsbury Centre, Frankham Street, Deptford SE8 4RN
Wednesdays (term time) 9.30–11.30am The Milky Way at Baring Road Surgery, Baring Road, Lee SE12 0DS
Wednesdays 12 noon–2pm Eliot Bank Children’s Centre, Thorpewood Avenue, Sydenham SE26 3HB
Thursdays 10am–12 noon Waldron Health Centre, Suite 1, Amersham Vale, New Cross SE14 6LD
Thursdays 10am-12 noon Manor House Library, 34 Old Road, 1st Floor, SE13 5SY
Fridays 10am-12 noon Jenner Health Centre, 201-203 Stanstead Road, Forest Hill, SE23 1HU
Fridays 12 noon–2pm Holy Trinity Centre Corner of Orchard Hill and Bennett Grove, Lewisham SE13 7QZ
Evelyn Parents Forum Deptford Park Play Club, 23 Scawen Road, Deptford, SE8 5AG
Waldron Health Centre Amersham Vale, New Cross, SE14 6LD
Telegraph Hill Play club Erlanger Road, SE14 5TY
Telegraph Hill Centre Pepys Road, SE14 5TY
The Albany Arts Centre & Café Douglas Way, Deptford SE8 4AG
Deli X 156 Deptford High Street, SE8 3PQ
2000 Community Action Centre 199-201 Grove Street, Deptford SE8 3PG
Amersham Vale Practice Waldron Health Centre, New Cross, SE14 6LD
Vesta Road Surgery 58 Vesta Road, New Cross, SE4 2NH
Little Lambs Pre-School Good Shepherd Church Hall, Downham BR1 5EP
Arlo & Moe 340 Brockley Road, Brockley SE4 2BT
Browns of Brockley 5-6 Coulgate Street, Brockley, SE4 2RW
Pistachios in the Park Hillyfields, 10A Somerset Gardens, SE13 7JN
Apple Tree Community Café Goldsmiths Community Centre, Castillon Rd, SE6 1QD
The Homestead Café Beckenham Place Park, BR3 5BP
Oakview Family Practice 190 Shroffold Road, BR1 5NJ
Step by Step Day Nursery Benden House, Monument Gardens, SE13 6PY
Novum Health Partnership The Primary Care Centre, Hawstead Rd, SE6 4JH
Cissy Wears 212a Hither Green Lane, Hither Green, SE13 6RT
Arlo & Moe 60 Springbank Road, Hither Green, SE13 6SN
Arts Café Manor Park Hither Green, SE13 5QZ
Pistachio’s in the Park Manor House Gardens, Old Rd, SE13 5TA
Bella Roma 13 Lewis Grove, SE13 6BG
Blackheath Age Exchange 11 Blackheath Village, SE3 9LA
Lewisham Toy Library Shop 46 Molesworth Street, SE13 7EP
Brockley Road Surgery 465-467 Brockley Road, Brockley SE4 2PJ
Ackroyd Community Centre 42b Ackroyd Road, SE23 1DL
Little Pumpkins 88 Woodyates Rd, Lee, SE12 9JH
La Ciabatta 119 Rushey Green, SE6 4AA
Freds 358 Brockley Road, SE4 2BY
Graces Day Nursery 145 Perry Hill, Catford, SE6 4LP
Hillyfields Medical Group 172 Adelaide Avenue, SE4 1JN
The Broadway Café 12 Catford Broadway, SE6 4SP
Kaleidoscope 32 Rushey Green, Catford, SE6 4JD
Kilmorie Children’s Centre Kilmorie Primary School Kilmorie Rd, SE23 2SP
Aga’s Little Deli 49a Dartmouth Road,. London SE23 3HN
Forest Hill Pools Dartmouth Rd, Forest Hill, SE23 3HZ
Pistachio’s in the Park 47 Vicars Hill, London SE13 7JN
Archibalds Café 164 Manor Lane, Hither Green, SE12 8LP
La Pizzeria Italiana Ltd Eros House, Brownhill Road, SE6 2EG
Saigon Foods 24 Catford Broadway, SE6 4SN
Small Wonders Day Care 89 Bromley Road, SE6 2UF
The Broadway Dental Practice 23 Catford Broadway, SE6 4SN
Good Food Deli Sandhurst Market, 7 Sandhurst Rd, SE6 1DL
Abbotshall Healthy Lifestyle Centre Abbotshall Road, Catford, SE6 1SQ
Corbett Community Centre & Library Torridon Road, SE6 1RQ
Park View Café 32 Randlesdown Road, Bellingham, SE6 3BD
Bellingham Green GP Surgery 24 Bellingham Green, Catford, SE6 3JB
La Delice Café 38 Ladywell Road, Lewisham SE13 7UZ
Community Waves Old Town Hall, Catford Rd, SE6 4RU

Top tips for breastfeeding

  • Keep your baby close, with as much skin-to-skin contact as possible
  • Babies like to breastfeed often, some very often!  This does not mean that your milk supply is not enough.  Babies like some feeds to be ‘meals’ and others to be ‘snacks’, just like adults.
  • It is not possible to overfeed a breastfed baby.
  • Be sure to get the right latch – checking that your baby is attached correctly to the breast is crucial for comfortable and successful breastfeeding. If you’re feeling pain throughout the feed, your baby’s latch may not be correct. Remember CHIN:


Close and chin leading


Head free


In line


Nose to nipple

  • Feel reassured that your baby will be getting enough milk if they are feeding at least eight times in 24 hours and they have at least six wet and two dirty nappies daily (from one week old; before this, babies may feed more and have produce more urine and stools)
  • Always seek help if you have any concerns, especially if you have pain when your baby feeds.

Breastfeeding at study or work leaflet (DH)

Going back to study or work may be the first time you have been separated from your baby for long periods. Continuing to breastfeed helps to keep the close relationship you’ve built up, providing your baby with extra comfort and security for as long as you both want.

You don’t need to stop breastfeeding just because you’re returning to study or work. Many women find ways to continue breastfeeding their baby – and employers have certain obligations towards breastfeeding women.

The last section in this leaflet sets out how employers can make it easier for you to do so – show this leaflet to your employer.

Visit ACAS to find out more about pregnancy and maternity rights, as well as breastfeeding at work.

Further information

Off to the best start (DH) leaflet, see page 14-16 for expressing milk.


  • NHS breastfeeding website

  • National Childbirth Trust 0300 330 0700 (8am–midnight)

  • National Breastfeeding Helpline 0300 100 0212 (9.30am–9.30pm)
  • Association of Breastfeeding Mothers 0844 412 2949
  • Breastfeeding Network 0300 100 0210 (9.30am–9.30pm)
  • La Leche League 0845 120 2918
  • For information about drugs in breast milk, email

The ‘Baby buddy’ app, which you can download to your mobile phone, takes you through life with your baby, using interactive information and films.


24 hour advice via Start 4 Life: It’s available on:

Breastfeeding at night

Becoming a parent is a very special time. Getting to know your new baby and learning how to care for her needs can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. However, it can also be challenging, especially when you are tired and your baby is wakeful and wanting to feed frequently during the night.

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