Timetable of all community hubs

All children are welcome to attend any of our child health clinics across the Borough:

Times Clinic name Address
Monday 1.30pm–3.15pm South Lewisham Health Centre 50 Conisborough Crescent, Catford SE6 2SP
Monday 1pm–2:45pm Ladywell Baby hub 30 Rushey Mead, Ladywell SE4 1JJ
Tuesday 9.30am–11am – This clinic will permanently close on 28th May 2019. Jenner Health Centre 202 Stanstead Road, Forest Hill, SE23 1HU
Tuesday 9:30am-11am – from 4th June 2019 Sydenham Green Health Centre 26 Holmshaw Close, London, SE26 4TH
Tuesday 9.30am–10.45am Lee Health Centre 2 Handen Road, Lee, SE12 8NP
Tuesdays 11am– 12.45pm Rushey Green Group Practice Hawstead Road, Catford, SE6 4JH
Tuesday 1pm –2.45pm Waldron Health Centre Stanley Street, Deptford, SE8 4BG
Tuesday 1pm–3.15pm Honor Oak Health Centre 20 Turnham Road, Brockley, SE4 2LA
Tuesday 1pm–2.45pm St John Medical Centre 56-60 Loampit Hill, Lewisham, SE13 7SX
Tuesday 1.30pm–2:45pm Torridon Road Children’s Centre 103 Torridon Road, Catford, SE6 1RQ
Wednesday 9.30am–11.15am Sydenham Green Health Centre 26 Holmshaw Close, SE26 4TH
Wednesday 1.30am–3.15 pm Marvels Lane Health Centre 38 Marvels Lane, Grove Park SE12 9NP
Wednesday 1pm–2.45pm Waldron baby hub Stanley Street, Deptford, SE8 4BG
Thursday 9.30am–11.15am Bellingham baby hub 109a Randlesdown Road, SE6 3HB
Thursday 9.30am–11:45am Downham Health and Leisure Centre 7–9 Moorside Road, Bromley BR1 5EP
Thursday 1pm–2.45pm Lee Baby hub 2 Handen Road, Lee, SE12 8NP

Baby hubs

All four baby hubs run concurrently throughout the Borough. The sessions are led either by the Health Visiting service (HV) or Children’s Centre team (CC).

What is a baby hub?

A baby hub is a place for:

  • Babies to play,
  • Weighing your baby,
  • Parents to meet other parents / carers,
  • Parents or carers to learn about topics specific to your child’s needs and development,
  • No need to book, just turn up!

Where are the baby hubs?

There are four baby hubs in Lewisham which run the same time table each week.

  • Ladywell children’s centre, Monday 1pm–3pm
  • Waldron Health Centre, Wednesday 1pm–2.45pm
  • Bellingham children’s centre, Thursday 9.30am–11.30am
  • Downham Health and Leisure centre (run by the HV service), Thursday 9.30am–12

We want your feedback.

Baby hub rota:




Topics (10 minute sessions) Area of discussion
Session 1:


Child Safety- Keeping children safe in the summer sun


  • Choking
  • Poisoning
  • Strangulation
  • Drowning
  • Burning
Session 2:


Bonding and attunement Five to thrive:

  1. Talk
  2. Play
  3. Relax
  4. Cuddle
  5. Respond
Session 3:


Encouraging your baby to sleep
  • Safer sleep
  • Where should baby sleep and position your baby
  • Newborns and what to expect?
  • How much sleep does your baby need?
  • Establishing a bed time routine
Session 4:


Minor ailments
  • Rashes
  • Fever management
  • Alternatives to A&E
Session 5:


  • Weaning window
  • Sugar smart
Session 6:


Well being
  • Post Natal Depression
  • Signs and symptoms
  • How to get help and treatment
  • How to keep yourself well?
Session 7:


Vitamin D and healthy start


  • Why does your child need Vit D?  How does your body get Vitamin D?
  • Access to Vit D supplements
  • What is Healthy start and what is the eligibility criteria?
Session 8:


  • The difference between an allergy and intolerance
Session 9:


Baby massage
  • Bonding and attachment


Session 10: CC Learning through play
  • How children and babies learn through play
  • Heuristic play
  • Tummy time
  • Talking, song and rhyme
  • Prime area of EYFS and School readiness
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