Accident prevention

The leading cause of preventable deaths for children under five and a major cause of ill health and serious disability is accidents. Public Health England reveals that, each year, across England:

  • 62 children under five die following accidents
  • 40,000 under-fives are admitted to hospital
  • around 450,000 under-fives attend A&E


CAPT (Child accident prevention trust) was commissioned by the government to analyse the data on deaths and hospital admissions for the five years from 2008-12. The five main causes of serious unintentional injury for the under-fives in England are:

  • Choking, suffocation and strangulation
  • Falls
  • Poisoning
  • Burns and scalds
  • Drowning


And all happen in and around the home! for further information on how to prevent these accidents and more.

Sadly in Lewisham we have suffered 5 serious scalds in 2017.

Before your baby is born and / or at each stage of their development you can walk through your home to see how safe it is for your baby

Use this height chart to see the possible dangers for your baby and toddler

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