What is a developmental review?

In Lewisham every child between 7-12 months is invited in via their parent or carer for a developmental review. This is not a test but a developmental review to see how your toddler’s overall development is progressing and if required how health visitors can support you and your toddler. To aid the developmental review, an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3™) will be completed with yourself and the health professional. We will also weigh and measure your baby, so please remember your babies red book.

ASQ-3™ what is it?

Your toddler will be offered a 7-12 month developmental review; these are normally held in one of our health centres across the borough with a health visitor assistant practitioner. The ASQ-3™ focuses on your child’s development in 5 main areas: communication, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem-solving and personal-social skills.

What happens if my child scores low on the ASQ-3™?

Every child develops at a different rate and as a health visiting service we can support you to help your toddler reach their full potential and enjoy learning and development through play.  However if it is thought a more thorough assessment is required the health visitor assistant practitioner or health visitor can refer to the most appropriate team for specialist support.

You do not have to wait until a scheduled developmental review to raise concerns regarding your child’s development, you can attend one the Health Visitor led child health clinic or speak to your GP.

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